Teatr magnesu – warsztaty


The Theatre of Magnet

Krzysztof Falkowski / Polska

The workshop is the animation art’s exploration, in the form of the theatre of magnet. With the help of this form’s creator, the participants make flat  puppets with their own hands. They also practice the techniques used to  animate puppets with different kinds of magnets (conventional and neodymium ones). The workshop’s culmination is animating short role-plays and dialogues with the use of previously created puppets. Every participant takes their own work home as a keepsake.

04.10.2017, 05.10.2017, 06.10.2017, 07.10.2017 godz. 08:30; 12:30
Sala kolumnowa, Teatr, ul. Katedralna 18
wiek: 7 and up
duration: 90 min.