The Sound SPA


The Sound SPA

Maciej Hanusek / Polska

The relaxing bath in sound, a musical journey in which listeners experience the unique sounds of gongs and bowls.
The best position for listening to this performance is a lying position. The atmosphere created by the sound bowls often relax people so much that they fall asleep – they turn off their minds, as the aim of the relax is to achieve a harmony and to get rid of stress, fears, problems and doubts. Being in such a sound space is an unusual experience – the complex sound of bowls gives the listeners the impression of being in the outer space filled with spherical sounds. According to oriental theories the human being and the outer space were created of a sound.
Such a connection with their very beginning gives people the feeling of deep trust and relief.

04.10.2017 – 06.10.2017 h. 17:00
07.10.2017 h. 16:00

The Castle Museum, ul. Katedralna 1
age: 16 und up
duration: 90 min.