Zrób sobie marionetkę – warsztaty


Make a puppet of paper

Miro Dusa / Słowacja

The workshop for people interested in the puppet theatre: parents, children, teachers, organizers of culture events and theatric animation lovers. For all people who want to play, discover their abilities and develop their  imagination.
We will work with paper, scissors, glue and paint. Our workshop means a meeting with paper and all things connected with it. We do not even realize that paper is our natural, everyday companion. There are lots of different  kinds of paper,varying in quality,purpose and functionality. We will try to discover its properties and hidden potential. We will learn „lots of things about it“ and make „lots of things with it“.
At the beginning, we will play, examine paper and discover its secrets, artistic and expressive abilities. We will examine it by touch (thickness, hardness, fragility…) and visually (colour, clearness, decorativeness…). We will redefine our knowledge about paper. We will experiment to experience an unforgettable adventure – the adventure with paper.

The workshop will be conducted by Miroslav Dusa (MA) – an art and stage designer, a university teacher, Academy of Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia, Faculty of Dramatic Arts, specialization: Scenography and Technology of Puppets and Film and Television Faculty, specialization: Film Animation.

04.10.2017, 05.10.2017, 06.10.2017, 07.10.2017 godz. 13:30
Czarna Sala, ul. Słowiańska 13
age: 10 and up
duration: 180 min.